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Epilogue and Announcement

January 3, 2020

Ten years ago, we set out to make the digital world a safer place for kids and their families. The uKnowKids team was inspired by a personal tragedy, and we applied our internet security and safety and data intelligence expertise to help moms and dads struggling with the challenges of parenting kids in this digital age.

Along the way, we created smart tools for parents to better protect their kids from bad guys and bullies, we coached families and educators on digital citizenship, and we helped more than a quarter-million families keep their kids safe online and on their mobile devices in more than 90 countries around the world.

Thousands of parents have written to us over the years with personal stories describing how uKnowKids helped save their kids from harm and improved many young lives.

We are proud of the products we built, the educational content we developed, and the positive impact we had. We are grateful for the parents that put their trust in us, and for the influencers, teachers, investors and policymakers who helped us create and tell the world about uKnowKids. We are especially thankful for our families who have supported us on this journey.

Many digital family safety problems remain unresolved as the big tech companies make it harder and harder for parents to keep their kids safe in this new digital world. While the our team has worked relentlessly, we have simply not been able to overcome the many headwinds we faced.

The uKnowKids story ends here.

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uKnowKids and Bark Moving Forward

We are pleased to announce that starting today, Bark will be taking over where we leave off. Our mission to protect digital kids will live on with Bark.

It is now no longer possible to create a new uKnowKids account.

uKnowKids members will be able to transition to Bark’s award-winning parental intelligence service and continue to keep their kids safe online and on their mobile devices. To do so, you’ll need to sign up for a Bark account here using the email address currently associated with your uKnowKids membership. Bark will automatically honor annual and lifetime plans for uKnowKids members.

Bark will continue to support the uKnowKids Digital Family Resource Center to educate and inform families and educators about important digital family safety issues.

As we have gotten to know the Bark organization, we have become convinced that our users and our mission are in great hands with Bark’s impressive team. We believe that Bark’s award-winning service is a fabulous home for parents and their families.

Our team will be working closely with Bark’s team in the future so that we can continue making the digital world a safer, better place for kids and their families. While we are disappointed we could not complete this mission independently, we are also pleased to hand the uKnowKids baton to Bark.

Steve Woda and the uKnowKids Team